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Start Your Remote Career

Get the foundations in place to start working remotely

As we move further into the 21st-century, remote work is becoming more and more prevalent. The flexibility offered and removal of a commute is just so powerful.

For over 12 years, Jamie Syke has helped companies like Facebook, Bumble, Samsung and many more to design amazing apps, websites and products, and dedicated a lot of time assisting other designers through books and articles online.

In these two powerful guides, he’ll cover all the steps needed to put the foundations in place for your remote business – all the way up to finding your very first client or customer.

The breakdown:

Learn what products actually sell online and what’s right for you

Get started with reputation management and build a brand

Research your online business with step-by-step instructions

Let what an online offering consists of and who will buy it

These guides are only for the brave.

Being able to work remotely gives a unique bonus worth much more than money. Freedom. The power of the internet has unlocked this potential bonus for everyone and its time to take advantage. 

In Remote Foundations; A Zero to One Guide for Starting Your Remote Career, Jamie speaks directly to three types of people;

– Creators who want to make a living working from home and setting their own schedule
– People with skills or life experience they want to make money from
– Anyone with drive and a commitment to taking action to accomplish their goals.

In his follow-up Remote Job Centre, you’ll learn that the future of work isn’t going to be decided by certificates or degrees. It will be determined by those who are willing to put themselves out there and take risks. Those who choose to take the leap into trying to work for themselves, rather than stagnating in mediocrity.

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