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Increase conversions with the power of forms

If you have a website and need to communicate with your users about a new feature, a competition, or want to engage with them in a meaningful way, but don’t want to get your hands dirty writing code – this deal is for you.

By adding one line of code to your site, you’ll get access to coupon widgets, email collectors, hello bars, social proof notifications, countdown collectors… and so much more.

Welcome to the 🌎 of Modal Forms.

The Breakdown

20+ customizable pop-ups and interactive forms for your website

Leverage the power of social proof to increase confidence and sharing

Collect feedback in multiple ways without disturbing your user’s flow

Collect leads and display a call-to-action with custom pop-up forms

Mobile-friendly, interactive on-site pop-ups for activation, retention, feedback and more.

Collecting leads is hard enough, but having to design a form and trigger it at the right time can be impossible for non-coders. Now, with one of copy&paste code you can immediately start displaying call-to-actions with custom triggers.

Easily on-board new customers with website messages to guide users through your website

The majority of your visitors leave your site without taking action. This is because most landing pages try to speak to the broadest audience possible. But if you know where your visitors are coming from (through UTMs or referral parameters set into links), you can display specific, engaging messages that speak directly to the user on their journey.

On top of that, you can display specific widgets on specific pages within your website. Are your users on a pricing page and about to leave? Set an exit-intent pop-up to entice them to choose a plan using a coupon code.

Display Social Proof

Improve your visitors’ confidence by showing them the actions that other visitors are taking, and ease the minds of potential customers by showing them what others are using and enjoying your products and services. When a visitor sees a testimonial of another user. It makes them feel more secure in trusting your service.

Having social proof notifications to any site helps your visitors to engage, convert, and stay as existing customers.

Upsell existing customers

Oftentimes you’ll have content hidden from a segment of users. Either they’re not paying… or not paying enough! Instead of trying to build an in-app notification, simply create a triggered widget that pop-ups and leads the custom on a journey to join a new plan, or become a paying customer for the first time.

‘Hook-up’ with your favorite apps using webhooks

Not only does Modal Forms work on the major website platforms like WordPress, WiX, Squarespace, Magneto, OpenCart, Instapage, Shopify or any website built on PHP or HTML…. But you can connect your forms to show real-time data and push sign-ups to your email marketing software like Mailchinp or ActiveCampaign.

Webhooks are a way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps. It’s how PayPal tells your accounting app when your clients pay you, how Twilio routes phone calls to your number, and how WooCommerce can notify you about new orders in Slack.

They’re a simple way your online accounts can “speak” to each other and get notified automatically when something new happens. In many cases, you’ll need to know how to use webhooks if you want to automatically push data from one app to another.

Anyone with a website will benefit from Modal Forms. Save design and development time and get your app speaking to the right audience at the right time within minutes.

Catch this deal and get up and running with custom modal forms in less than 10 minutes.


Will I get access to future updates?

Yes. Of course you will get access to all future updates and features.

Can I try it before I buy lifetime access?

We hope you do! Sign-up for a free 7 day trial here (no credit card needed).

How can I activate the deal?

It’s easy. After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your Account (in the Orders section) and in your mailbox. Copy this code,  sign-up to Modal Forms, go to the Plan section and redeem your code!

What If I’m not 100% satisfied?

No problem. We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee, just put a refund request in and we’ll send you back your money.

lifetime marketing ecommerce

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Great product - I recommend this
    Because easy to install clean stylish layout
    Easy to install took me less than 1 minute On my website
    If you don’t know what you’re doing go to WordPress website and search for plugging like install a install an header script


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  2. Great value and features
    I got the Scale plan. It’s a no-brainer.
    Loving Modal Forms. User friendly and the platform is very fast. No lags or slow downs.
    Embedded the live website traffic pop up on my website and it looks great. For the amount of features provided, the price is a steal. Highly recommended.


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  3. Works Perfectly but has room of improvements
    If you’re willing to use this features fast and with no hassle it works absolutely well and out of the boxes. I would have appreciated a better documentation on Webhooks (that should come soon), some extra native integrations and more styling like custom CSS. Said that for this price it’s a steal and i would recommend to get it!


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  4. Very easy for beginners + handy
    Went for scale plan. Very easy to setup. Love it so much. Just a bit struggling with some setting for beginner like me. Could not find a support platform for me to ask. Maybe leandeals can help me out with this. Otherwise, highly recommended


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  5. Awesome
    Bought this after looking at all the form features, including SocialProof. I was previously using another SP tool on a LTD, but got the refund and took this one as it’s more featured with more usage.

    It’s not 100% perfect but the support team is responsive enough to make this a no-brainer! I could see how for someone less technical it would be a bit cumbersome to set up but give it time and ask the right questions and you’ll be fine.

    Social Proof is the clear winner for my use case here, but I’m also using its feedback functions on my Support portal and it works so very well. I’m super-impressed and very happy with this platform, I look forward to seeing how they innovate with it!

    On a side note, I also bought the Usermoves LTD and the developer also created ModalForms (AltumCode). Super easy to use and valuable platforms and I look forward to seeing what else they develop next!



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