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Easily build AI chatbots for happy customers

The automatic way to sell to and support your customers.

Offering 24/7 support for your website or platform can get pricey quick. Instead, create a personalised chatbot that not only answers support questions, but can accept payments and schedule appointments.

Beingo is the best tool to create smart chatbots that sell and support your customers.

It’s like having your own virtual assistant.

The Breakdown

Create AI chatbots for customer support

Accept payments with a Paypal integration

Easily sync calendars for appointment scheduling

Integrate with any 3rd party API or custom applications

Super simple drag & drop chatbot building 🤖

Beingo is a code-free digital assistant plugin that gives you a drag & drop, plug & play builder which is super user-friendly. Simply select a template, or build a custom Beingo, and then embed it in your website or mobile app. Whether you have a small business a startup or a large enterprise, your business can deliver premium customer assistance with Beingo.

A whole range of templates for all your needs 👍

You get over 25 ready-to-use templates to to help with conversation flows, that you can easily edit.

Add images, videos, variables, and more to the conversation with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Adapt to your customer’s needs immediately 🔐

Beingo’s features run the full gamut of usability. From automated and personalized conversations that utilize and adapt to customer inputs, to the ability to verify customer’s IDs, selfies and signatures.

Customers can share videos, GIFs & images and upload images, audio, video, PDF, PPT and more.

Beingo also comes with analytics so you can report on performance and customer behavior.

And don’t forget the ability to integrate with any 3rd party API or your applications and process payments.

Built for small businesses💰

Beingo was built on a founder’s need for a solution that enables start-ups and small businesses to serve, sell and support their customers digitally.

Grab this deal today and start simplifying your customer processes.


Can I try it before I buy lifetime access?

Yes. Create a free account here. Note, this deal is only for new customers.

How can I activate the deal?

It’s easy. After purchasing, you will get a unique activation code in your Account (in the Orders section) and in your mailbox. Copy this code and enter it in the Redeem Coupon field when on this redemption page for your automatic lifetime upgrade.

Does Beingo provide support?

To get help you can visit their knowledge base and open a support ticket.

What is a bot?

A bot is a single chatbox that you can embed (almost) anywhere that works out the triggers your set.

What is an SMS notification or verification?

SMS notifications and verifications are triggers sent as an SMS notification to you or to the user (using Twilio).

Is this deal stackable?

Yup! You can buy unlimited codes and redeem them in the Redeem section of the main Beingo drop-down menu.

What If I’m not 100% satisfied?

No problem. We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee, just put a refund request in and we’ll send you back your money.

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    This opens up loads of possibilities for so many ways of engaging with customers!


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